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Laura’s top priority is public safety. Our law enforcement personnel need to be fully funded, fully staffed, fully trained and fully supported.

“It only takes a few days of watching the news to realize that crime is a growing problem in our community. However, with a unified and cooperative effort between citizens and police, our community will be safer,” Padden said.



No new taxes! A thriving community is based on thriving small businesses and commerce. The Spokane Valley has great potential for business growth and stability.

"We need to build on our business-friendly reputation to restore the livelihoods that were so abruptly disrupted by COVID-19, increase job opportunities, and get people back to work. In addition, City revenue is good and I see absolutely no need for any new taxes!”


Housing availability and home ownership is also a priority for Laura. Efforts need to be made to reduce the cost of construction by reducing burdensome regulations.

“The City can encourage development and ownership of homes, townhouses and condominiums while maintaining a balance between ownership, rentals and open spaces,” Padden said.

Laura Padden Waterfall.JPG

Laura at Mirabeau Park Falls in the Spokane Valley.

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